Ended Ricuh, Malaysian Supporters Secured Inside Bung Karno Stadium

Uncategorized / 15 September, 2019

The match which brought together the Indonesian National Team against Malaysia ended in chaos. Because of the riots, a number of Malaysian supporters had to be secured inside the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK).

As is known, the match which took place on Thursday (05/09/2019) already looked hot before the Indonesia vs Malaysia national team match began. In fact, even when the match took place the match was postponed due to chaos on the sidelines.

Ratusan Ultras Malaya diamankan di dalam stadion (Foto: Okezone/Rivan Nasri Rachman)

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The climax is at the end of the match, where when the referee blows a long whistle to finish the match which ended 2-3 for the defeat of the Indonesian national team. Where Malaysian fans who were present at the stadium were immediately brought into the SUGBK area to be safeguarded from the anarchist actions of Indonesian supporters.